Wellness Centre

Hotel with wellness centre in the heart of the Dolomites

After a day out in the open air or skiing on snowy slopes, our guests can finally relax and take some time out for themselves in our cosy Wellness Centre. A stay in our hotel is an opportunity not only to enjoy yourself doing your favourite sport but also to relax and unwind. A lift from the rooms takes you to the soothing atmosphere of our Wellness Centre in a moment giving you moments of pure peace and pleasant herbal infusions to drink.

Hotel La Nuova Montanina's wellness centre offers our guests: sauna, steam room, sensory shower with Arctic mist effect, colour shower and a small relaxation area to soothe the mind and body on comfortable ergonomic sun beds.

Steam Room

The Steam Room or "Hammahn" derives from the eastern tradition, where Your body is purified through the mixture of steam and warmth. It is also called “Turkish bath" at a programmed temperature„ and it is really a place, where the synergy between 100% dampness and 45°C temperature allows the body to get purified and the soul to get relaxed.

Finnish Sauna

The Sauna is one of the oldest and most well-known thermal proceedings. Through the generation of dry warmth (temperature of 90/95° C and internal dampness of 20/25 %), it stimulates the cell regeneration, helps the metabolism and favours the relaxation.


The Biosauna is an innovative thermal proceedings that stimulates our psychophysical well being, by combining together the beneficial qualities of the sauna and those of the Steam room. The Biosauna, in fact, allows the combination of the dry heat, produced by the sauna, and the steam, and generate an emission of warmth with a defined percentage of dampness. Normally, the internal temperature is around 60° C with a percentage of internal dampness of 50 %.

The Sensory Shower with Arctic Mist Effect

The Sensory Shower is one new wellness environment, that is not only a normal shower but can also stimulate the senses through a special effect: the Arctic Fog. It is a particular effect that comes from the synergy between cold water, green light and peppermint aroma. This shower has no contraindications and so everyone can have it.

Colour Shower

The Colour Shower comes from the chromo therapy, that gives the colours a great importance in the formation of our mood. The light leds change their colours and give us unconsciously calmness and quietness and cancel every sign of mental stress and weariness. This shower is not only agreeable at sight, it has also a psychological and emotional effect. This shower has no contraindications and so everyone can have it.