Restaurant La Nuova Montanina

Discover the culinary specialities of the Dolomites

Chef Alessandra's special culinary flair creates regional dishes and Cadore specialities. Buffets packed with delicacies and homemade desserts will tickle your appetite and get you trying the flavours of our valleys.

The restaurant can accommodate any sort of lunch or celebration. Call us for more information.

Our specialities

Our kitchen offers typical dishes like the “Gnocchi alla Cadorina„ with smoked ricotta, the Canederli with cheese and mushrooms, the soup with the einkorn of the Alps, the Spinatspatzle with cream and bacon and Casunziei with red turnips.

Or our delicious main courses such as: Dish of the forest, Venison with polenta and mushrooms, fillet of beef with porcini mushrooms, Grilled cheese, sliced ??beef and many other specilità to delight your palate.

The Bellunese Cheese Route

Our restaurant is part of "The Bellunese Dolomites Cheese and Flavours Route" and offers local specialities and delicacies. You can choose from a wide range of cheeses from the Belluno Dolomites with delicious flavours, top quality and highly traditional products from the area's dairy heritage.